An Editorial About Drugs, by Hilde Kate Lysiak, the Nine-Year-Old Reporting Sensation

Apr 08 2016

An Editorial About Drugs, by Hilde Kate Lysiak, the Nine-Year-Old Reporting Sensation

Ever since her self-published Orange Street News broke the story of a homicide in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, nine-year-old reporter Hilde Kate Lysiak has become a news sensation (and sadly, even little girls are not spared attacks by online trolls. She’s had to deal with some nasty comments).

While the murder story she broke has been grabbing headlines, she’s also weighed in on addiction and drugs in a recent issue. While we don’t precisely endorse her “Just Say No” messaging, we’re not going to criticize it either because, well, she’s nine. Her concerns stem from the experiences of people around her.

Dear Readers,

As you know, this issue is all about drugs. The idea that a kid had drugs at the Middle School Dance makes me crazy. My sister is that age! I cannot imagine her or one of her friends using drugs!

Drugs do not only affect kids. Drugs can ruin people’s lives. My Mom has friends that died from drug overdoses. My friend’s mom ended up in jail from doing drugs. It makes me really sad to think about this. It is just crazy!

I don’t know what exactly would make someone try a drug in the first place. Maybe because everybody else is doing it?  If that is the case, that is a bad reason because people should use their own minds to think about what they are doing and to make their own choices.  Maybe people try them because they are tempting. I have never done drugs, but I cannot imagine what would be so tempting about hurting your lungs or other body parts like your brain. Maybe people try drugs because they aren’t happy. If that’s the reason these middle schoolers are trying drugs, there are so many better ways. For example, when I am sad, I write it down on the whiteboard and then erase it.

Let’s hope this isn’t an issue I have to write about again.



  • Joe Minella

    Good for her!! I’m still Hoping(tm) for Change(tm).