Article Published by The Influence Wins 2016 Cancer World Journalism Award

Dec 16 2016

Article Published by The Influence Wins 2016 Cancer World Journalism Award

Earlier this year Suman Naishadham, a journalist based in Hyderabad, India, authored an article for The Influence titled “Cancer With No Pain Meds? The Tragedy of India’s Painkiller Shortage.”

The piece unforgettably reported on the agonizing suffering of cancer patients in India, and the cultural, logistical and legal factors—the latter inspired by the US-led War on Drugs—that have restricted Indians’ access to opioid pain medication.

Cancer World, a publication run by the European School of Oncology, has just announced the winners of its 2016 Journalism Awards in four categories, and Naishadham’s piece won the Policy, Services and Affordability category.

The other three winners were all published in newspapers—Germany’s Welt Am Sonntag (the overall winner), Kenya’s Daily Nation and China’s Southern Weekly—and previous award-winners have included journalists working for the BBC, Der Spiegel and the Financial Times.

“Health reporting around the world often takes a backseat to other current events,” Naishadham (below) told Cancer World after hearing of her award. “This makes it all the more encouraging to be rewarded for an article on India’s narcotics policy and its effects on the country’s terminally ill.”


Our congratulations to her!

  • Congrats! India is an interesting case. Their press and media are pumping out alcoholism articles with titles like “Man sells wife for six pack of beer.” They are in the throes of an addiction hysteria. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.