Brexit Leader Nigel Farage: Trump Protestors "Were All Too Busy Smoking Drugs to Go Out and Vote"

Nov 15 2016

Brexit Leader Nigel Farage: Trump Protestors “Were All Too Busy Smoking Drugs to Go Out and Vote”

November 15th, 2016

Dangerous buffoons are not, of course, a phenomenon unique to US politics. As if to remind us, Nigel Farage, the loudmouthed Brexiteer, has neatly smeared both people protesting against Donald Trump and people who use drugs.

Asked about anti-Trump protestors in inimitable style (below) by his Fox News host—”They’re yelling and screaming, it’s almost as though, Chicken Little: The sky is falling!”—the British politician, who campaigned openly for Trump, laughingly claimed to recognize their faces from anti-Brexit protests.

“Look, let’s be frank,” he continued. “These people were all too busy smoking drugs to go out and vote. And yet they go and protest.”

Nonsense, obviously—both because it takes much more effort to protest than it does to vote, and because plenty of people who use drugs of all kinds lead very productive lives.

Farage, who was most likely referring to marijuana use, might want to be careful how he directs his sneers in a US context. Three more red states legalized medical marijuana last week, while the 60 percent of US citizens who support adult-use legalization include many Republicans.

Farage was speaking after his visit to Trump Tower at the weekend made him one of the first foreign politicians to meet with the new president-elect, despite his holding no position in the UK government. This has caused consternation in London.

  • 8thColour

    Coming from someone that smokes (tobacco) like a chimney and who is rumoured to have an alcohol problem, I find that a bit rich. He’s on record in the past for supporting drug law reform, but perhaps the alcohol has damaged his brain so much, he doesn’t remember.

  • I wish I could actually say I was surprised that the smug-faced walking embarrassment dared to show his face after he pulled a Brave Sir Robin to avoid facing the public over his lies during the Brexit campaign – or that I was surprised to see him latch on to another Far-Right campaign like the smarmy little parasite he is.

    But I can’t.

  • Exactly – and you can start to understand why it’s important to reject the easy accusation of ‘drug user’. It is quickly becoming a life or death issue – a true witch hunt. Expect Trump to crack down on pot even in the states where it’s legal.

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