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Jun 20 2016

Let’s Abandon the Assumption That If You’ve Been Addicted to a Drug, Total Abstinence Is Essential

By Jeremy Galloway June 20th, 2016 They repeat the words in chorus during almost every Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting I’ve attended: “A drug is a drug is a drug.” It means that if you’ve used one drug, experienced problems with it and quit, you can’t use any other drug without problems. But is thi...
Aug 23 2016

Addiction Treatment Should Be the Work of Liberation—But What Does Such a Model Look Like?

August 24th, 2016 All forms of psychopathology impair the freedom of the individual, but addiction* is a particularly intense form of slavery, argued psychoanalyst and addiction psychologist Dr. Jerome Levin. This in itself is not a particularly new insight; in fact, the word addiction is rooted in ...