Cop Overdoses on Heroin, Is Revived With Naloxone

Feb 17 2016

Cop Overdoses on Heroin, Is Revived With Naloxone

An off-duty police officer overdosed on heroin in at a friend’s house in South Buffalo, New York last week, and was revived by “at least two doses” of naloxone when on-duty cops arrived at the scene, Buffalo News reports. The cop who overdosed—26-year-old Northeast District Officer Michael R. Moffett—reportedly received an unpaid medical release, and is under investigation by the department.

Buffalo News says that, “The incident has shaken members of the police force, who have been responding to hundreds of opiate overdose calls over the past two years.”

Since 2014, Erie County has seen more than 300 deadly opioid overdoses. Just last week, county officials issued an “emergency warning” about fentanyl-laced heroin.

“I would say there’s a 99% chance he got the bad heroin with the fentanyl in it,” a local officer says.

Expanding access to naloxone—via first-responders, over-the-counter sales, and rehabilitation facilities—is a vital facet of harm reduction and drug policy reform.

  • cigarbabe

    Sure keep limiting it only to first responders….. It should be made available for free to anyone who wants it.

    • Segador LaMuerte

      That is so very correct. Anyone should be able to go into a pharmacy and get one. Even having to pay for it like an Epi Pen. Because, you never know when or if you are going to need one. The amount of people that could be saved from OD’s would be greatly increased if us common folk could carry Naloxone like the first responders do.