Dogs Typically Trained to Detect Bombs Are Now Sniffing Out Pot in Teens' Bedrooms

Mar 02 2016

Dogs Typically Trained to Detect Bombs Are Now Sniffing Out Pot in Teens’ Bedrooms

Private companies offering sniffer dogs to assist you in uncovering your teenagers’ weed stashes have become an actual industry in the US.

“The Last Chance K9 Services” of Louisville, Kentucky, for example, is doing good business. The company’s owner, Michel Davis, is trained in using dogs to detect bombs and other weapons. But crucially, the animals he works with can successfully track down small amounts of marijuana in teenagers’ rooms. The Last Chance K9 Services charges you just $99 to go all SWAT on your kids, and claims to have searched 50 homes so far, with a stunning detection rate of 90%.

Or, there might be less alienating ways to find out about your kids’ drug habits—like, say, having a respectful discussion.

  • malcolmkyle

    Prohibition has finally run its course; the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people, users and non-users worldwide, have been destroyed or severely disrupted; many countries that were once shining beacons of liberty and prosperity have, through scientific ignorance and blind political fanaticism, become repressive smoldering heaps of toxic hypocrisy and a gross affront to fundamental human decency. It is now the duty of every last one of us to insure that the people who are responsible for this shameful situation are not simply left in peace to enjoy the wealth and status that their despicable actions have, until now, afforded them. Former and present Prohibitionists should not be allowed to remain untainted or untouched by the unconscionable acts that they have viciously committed on their fellow human beings. They have provided us with neither safe communities nor safe streets. We should provide them with neither a safe haven to enjoy their ill-gotten gains nor the liberty to repeat such a similar atrocity.

    • James DuMouchel

      Right on, Daddy-o!

    • IllaConsiderit

      It seems so odd that after everything we were taught about rights as I was growing up that the U.S allowed itself to stray so far into the territory of human rights abuse and of it’s own citizens, taking people out of their homes as they were sitting quietly at home with family But happened to be smoking on misunderstood chemical or another(more like all) chemicals and for this alone with no harm done to anyone imprisoned in violation of their Constitutional righs. And those who followed the orders to arrest them and consider further arrests of citizens I would consider that “i was just following orders” didn’t out very well the last time it was used as a defence in court….