Far-Right Anti-Semites and Far-Right Israel Supporters Attack Philanthropist George Soros After Email Leaks

Aug 15 2016

Far-Right Anti-Semites and Far-Right Israel Supporters Attack Philanthropist George Soros After Email Leaks

August 15th, 2016

George Soros, the Hungarian-born business magnate and philanthropist who funds many liberal causes, including drug-policy reform, has long been a hate-figure to the Right. But fringe reactions to the latest Wikileaks-dump of emails related to the billionaire’s Soros Foundation are still mind-boggling.

Pro-Israel right-wing political commentator Pamela Gellar, for example, tweeted “Soros, the black hand. #evil” with a link to her blog-post accusing Soros of undermining Israel. Meanwhile, far-right anti-Semites tweeted about Soros being part of a Jewish conspiracy to undermine the white race.

The Soros Foundation leaks are widely suspected of being the work of Russia, which has long demonized Soros and many of the causes he supports—including, for example, marijuana legalization (some people attack his motives for that), harm reduction, prison reform and transgender rights. In the US human rights and drug policy realm, Soros founded and funds the Open Society Foundations and is a longstanding major funder of the Drug Policy Alliance.

Russian propaganda fervently presents the country as a defender of Palestinians against Israel, yet the leaks appear to be a “dogwhistle” both to neo-Nazis, who blame Jews for everything, and the pro-Israel Right, which often accuses Soros of “delegitimizing” Israel.

Some right-wing pro-Israel commentators have seized on leaked details about Soros funding groups in Israel and Palestine that report on human rights violations committed by Israeli forces. Some leaked emails expressed a desire to confront “racist policies” in Israel—hardly most people’s idea of a sinister undertaking.

Neo-Nazis, on the other hand, claim Soros’s involvement in a “Jewish plot” to flood Europe with migrants. Soros, who as a teenage member of the Jewish community of Budapest survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary in World War II, has been a major advocate for refugees.

There has been a concerted campaign against Soros in right-wing US media. Glenn Beck, for example, has long blamed Soros for “progressivism,” and Breitbart tried to blame him for the European refugee crisis. Russian sources, often though the network RT, have long accused Soros of electioneering in Europe.

Conspiracy theorists, especially bigoted ones, can be impossible to dissuade. Soros is a very rich man who is a major contributor to countless charitable and progressive causes and a vocal critic of Israeli policy, and some people are going to hate.

But if man who spent some of his teenage years in hiding can rise to such prominence, give generously and antagonize neo-Nazis, the extreme pro-Israel Right, Glenn Beck and Vladimir Putin at the same time, it should give all of us cause for optimism.

  • I agree that Soros has done a lot of great work around the world. However I would like to see him oppose ‘hate speech’ laws in Europe that prevent free and open debate on important issues and at the same time provide excuses for violence by people who feel stifled (rightly or wrongly). In fact, top Nazi propagandists were radicalized by Weimar hate speech laws:

    “Researching my book, I looked into what actually happened in the Weimar Republic. I found that, contrary to what most people think, Weimar Germany did have hate-speech laws, and they were applied quite frequently. The assertion that Nazi propaganda played a significant role in mobilizing anti-Jewish sentiment is, of course, irrefutable. But to claim that the Holocaust could have been prevented if only anti-Semitic speech and Nazi propaganda had been banned has little basis in reality. Leading Nazis such as Joseph Goebbels, Theodor Fritsch, and Julius Streicher were all prosecuted for anti-Semitic speech. Streicher served two prison sentences. Rather than deterring the Nazis and countering anti-Semitism, the many court cases served as effective public-relations machinery, affording Streicher the kind of attention he would never have found in a climate of a free and open debate.”


    Just as America is decriminalizing drugs (thanks in large part to Soros’ work), so Europe must decriminalize speech and religion and end the self-destructive drive to ‘secularism’ e.g. Laicite.

  • “far-right anti-Semites tweeted about Soros being part of a Jewish conspiracy to undermine the white race”

    I would like to unpack that statement. Things are not always as they seem. First of all, I’ve found in my travels across the internet that many supposed ‘racists’ are actually intentionally trying to be offensive and vitriolic for the purpose of shutting down free speech. They want people to say, “Why, this discussion is so offensive and vitriolic, The Atlantic/The Hill/Breitbart should shut down the trolls.” Fortunately The Atlantic and The Hill and a few others have shown forbearance by not censoring. But other outlets such as Breitbart censor liberally. I was banned from Breitbart just for ridiculing “The Great Wall of Trump.” And a few other sites as well.

    Why are they trying to shut down free speech? Because then it provides people an excuse for violence and war. There is nothing to make you feel more self-righteous than if you are not allowed to speak up. This can actually lead to war, and has, as my other comment shows. So no, I don’t really think they are ‘racist’ per se. Dare I say – racism is a myth. 🙂

  • And while we’re at it – I wouldn’t mind if Soros spoke up for the ultra-Orthodox populations in New York and Israel. They are not being properly educated – leaving them vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. In fact, I’ve discovered that many of the supposed ‘anti-Israel’ trolls are actually false-flaggers whose purpose is to distract from this shame.