These are 9 simple steps to produce your custom feature and profile in our publication:

1. Discuss Content and Strategy With Our Writers

A writer from will contact the agency’s executive director to begin initial discussions about content for the quarterly magazine.

2. Our Design Team Produces Mock-Up For Approval

Our design team at will create and send mock-up ads to be reviewed for approval.

3. Our Editorial Writers Interview Your Staff For Article Subjects

One of the editiorial writers for will contact your agency’s point person to set up and conduct interviews with the subjects of the articles.

4. Schedule and Conduct A Photoshoot for Article Subjects

A photographer from will contact the treatment center’s point person to schedule the photoshoot for the article subjects, as well as conduct the photoshoot.

5. We Submit Article Copy and Content For Approval

An editorial writer for will submit article copy and content to your treatment center’s point person for approval.

6. We Submit Designs With Article Spreads For Approval

Our design team from will send article spreads to your point person for final approval.

7. We Send Off a Virtual/Digital Copy of Your Custom Profile

Our design team from will send you a virtual copy of the custom profile in a digital flipbook.

8. We send your magazine publication off to print

Your magazine publication will be sent to print.

9. We Deliver The Final Product

You will receive your magazines (500 copies per quarter).