Graphic: The Workings of a Street Crack-Dealing Operation

Apr 07 2016

Graphic: The Workings of a Street Crack-Dealing Operation

Influence contributor Seth Ferranti, who served 21 years of a 25-year mandatory minimum prison sentence for dealing marijuana and LSD, spent some of his time in the Feds authoring a book about crack, drug-dealing and hip hop. But he long hoped to bring his work to a different medium.

“I was getting 50 comic books a month sent into prison for 13 years,” he says. “I always wanted to make comics, but it was real difficult to pull off. There are talented artists in prison, but they do tattoos because it is hard to get the right paper to draw on.”

Following his release in 2014, Ferranti set about realizing his dream of creating a comic book from his writing. After meeting with producer Anthony Mathenia of Stache Publishing, he was able to team up with illustrator Joe Wills. The first issue of Supreme Team, set in 1980s New York City, is now out in digital format.

This sample page depicts the components of a crack-dealing team:Print