Kratom Users and Advocates Attack the DEA's Decision to Classify the Plant as a Schedule I Drug

Aug 31 2016

Kratom Users and Advocates Attack the DEA’s Decision to Classify the Plant as a Schedule I Drug

August 31st, 2016

Yesterday the US Drug Enforcement Agency filed a notice of intent to classify a plant called kratom as a Schedule I controlled substance, the most restrictive category for drugs “with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.”

The DEA said it was “issuing this notice of intent to temporarily schedule the opioids mitragynine and 7- hydroxymitragynine, which are the main active constituents of the plant kratom, into schedule I pursuant to the temporary scheduling provisions of the Controlled Substances Act.”

The scheduling is set to take effect on September 30.

Kratom, a tree in the coffee family (rubiaceae), is thought to act as an opioid receptor antagonist like naloxone (which attaches to opioid receptors without activating them), or as a partial agonist, like buprenorphine (which activates the receptors somewhat but not fully). Full opioid agonists, like heroin, fully activate the receptors.

Kratom has been used for thousands of years in Southeast Asia. It is sold in the US today in various forms, including teas, that can be bought in cafes and online.

Users report that a smaller dose of kratom has a stimulating effect, while a larger dose has a more peaceful, calming effect. Advocates also report using kratom to successfully recover from physical and psychological dependence on opioids.

Susan Ash, director of the American Kratom Association, tells The Influence that “many people also report using kratom to ease the symptoms of PTSD, lyme disease, chronic pain, and some people will take it to lessen their anxiety instead of using dangerous benzodiazepines.”

But the DEA says that kratom poses an “imminent hazard to the public safety.” The agency cites as evidence the fact that “the amount of kratom material seized by law enforcement for the first half of 2016 greatly exceeds any previous year totals.” From January 2010 through December 2015, the DEA adds, “US poison centers received 660 calls related to kratom exposure.”

“Kratom,” the DEA states, “does not have an approved medical use in the United States and has not been studied as a treatment agent in the United States” though it does acknowledge that kratom “has a history of being used as an opium substitute in Southeast Asia” and has “been used to self-treat chronic pain and withdrawal symptoms from opioid use.” Yet the DEA claims it’s “especially concerning” that “users have turned to kratom as a replacement for other opioids, such as heroin.”

The DEA’s notice comes on the heels of its recent announcement that it would not move marijuana from Schedule I.

It also came on the day as a New York Times editorial on alternatives to opioids. The Times names approaches for dealing with pain like “physical therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, acupuncture, exercise and so on.” It’s telling that harm reduction approaches, such as methadone and Suboxone, supervised injection facilities, and medical marijuana, were ignored in the piece.

Kratom didn’t make the list either—and this new announcement means it likely won’t do anytime soon.

Ash says that the “announcement was of course an enormous shock to our community. We have been getting reports back from the community, literally hysterical that they will no longer be able to live with the quality of life kratom has afforded them. People are worried that they will be back in wheelchairs, worried about overdose [if losing access to kratom causes them to return back to opioids].”

“I am one of those very people,” she tells me. In the past, Ash developed an opioid addiction after being prescribed drugs to deal with pain from a case of lyme disease. She first turned to kratom in 2010 to “deal with withdrawal symptoms.” She then went on Suboxone for about a year, then tapered off it using kratom because she found herself “abusing Suboxone.”

“It was about two and a half years ago,” she says, “that I decided I no longer wanted a narcotic addiction…Within two weeks of starting to take this plant, I went from being bedridden except for doctors’ appointments, to being a productive member of society. I decided to start [the American Kratom Association] to help other people.”

In response to the DEA’s announcement, she is distraught: “Where does this leave us? Where does this leave me?”

She believes that the DEA is promoting a false sense of kratom’s dangers. “We do not believe that any death has ever been tied to kratom alone, and we do not believe it is possible to die from kratom alone,” she says. “And we have an affidavit from a toxicologist stating this. Any research that’s ever been done has shown that the only time kratom is associated with death is in a poly-drug episode, involving other drugs, whether prescription or illicit.”

In response to the reported calls to poison centers reporting adverse kratom experiences, she says: “When you look at the numbers—they get over 3 million reports a year. The kratom calls come to a fraction of a fraction of a percent. So we’re wondering, how does a small percent of calls with adverse reactions and no deaths mean a public safety hazard?”

“We cannot deny that there are people out there who will abuse it,” she continues, “just like people will abuse everything from sugar to water. There are people who are prone to abuse it because of the way the industry has been marketing the product in the US. Irresponsible marketing tactics sell kratom as a legal ‘high,’ when its just about the farthest thing from that. It relieves suffering. It doesn’t get you high—there’s no stoned feeling, no foggy feeling—that’s why I love it.”

“Most of our members have never struggled with addiction,” she says. “Our community is mostly older women who don’t want to be on narcotic pain medications. With the new regulation and guidelines—they are getting cut off by their doctors [from prescription painkillers] anyway—they have no options but Suboxone or methadone. And who wants to be on those for the rest of their lives when there’s a safe and natural alternative out there?”

“We also have an enormous amount of veterans who are saying this is the only thing that has ever worked for them for their PTSD,” she adds. “Our folks are feeling beyond devastated.”

  • Amy

    Awesome article! The kratom community is not going to take this lying down!

    • grace hennelly

      What more can we do to prevent this?

      • Adam Edney has all kinds of good info on this subject.

      • tnizzle

        Call your congressmen and women and threaten their re-election based solely on them taking action barring the DEA from making kratom schedule I. Not that most of them are going to be re-elected anyway…

        • James DuMouchel

          Unfortunately, most of them WILL be re-elected. But tnizzle’s suggestion is still our best hope, short of TV ads or demonstrations!

          • Cyndi Phillips

            There will be demonstrations on the 13th, both in DC and nationwide. If you can’t find one make one happen.

      • Kevin Labelle

        Seriously, message the President here:

        State that this is for “Help with an Agency – Health and Human Services,” then underline the fact that Opiate abuse and Overdoses have gone-up in all States that have banned Kratom, while most other States refused to ban it because the Positives far outweighed the Negatives. Then remind him of all the hard-work he’s done to change the nation’s mindset as to the “War on Drugs,” and the criminalizing of non-violent drug offenses. I said: Do you really want to finish your time in Office with a spike in drug-related deaths, incarceration, and abuse? Because that’s exactly what will happen, should they ignore this entirely. False-advertising should be dealt with, but scheduling the one “good” exit to opiate addiction is one hell of a way to fuck-up the lives of hundreds-of-thousands of people in the U.S.. I have a lot of friends I know will go back on dope, once they lose their access to Kratom, because they can’t stand synthetic opiates, and would rather do the real thing…

        The DEA is part of the Executive Branch, while I doubt this had anything to do with the President, he can definitely smack some sense into this. This prohibition mentality is precisely what will make-us lose any progress that has been accomplished over the past 8 years, and his legacy could easily be endangered because of it. You don’t push hard for something only to hypocritically let it happen again, as soon as you leave, and expect your approval ratings, and presidential rank by historians to go up. It just won’t happen, simple as that.

      • petition sign it ..

    • LJ_CO

      That’s an understatement. We cannot take this at all. It is government control pure and simple. Big Pharma and their minions have taken notice, and using the two Kratom horror stories (one overdose, one suicide) to get the DEA to move on this plant. It’s a travesty and must be stopped.

    • Peter Geller

      Neither did our cannabis community. You see how that’s working out… Abolish the DEA. The so called ‘War on Drugs’ is a racially motivated war on PEOPLE!

      • vic

        You are so right. It’s the money they want and to control us is how they intend to get it.

        • Peter Geller

          Power is more important to them than money. When you have the ‘power’ you always get the money… ‘Civil’ asset forfeiture is a prime example.

    • no we are not

  • Jeremy

    Good article I can say that I am 1 that Kratom has helped fully

  • Jake Wasd

    I wish they would include more of the promising research being done outside of just replacing drugs like opiates and anxiolytics, such as it’s antioxidant, anti-depressant, anti bacterial, or antiproliferative capabilities of killing cancer cell lines. The fact that it’s just being touted so much simply as a ‘replacement’ for drugs itself seems to give it a huge negative image for general public.

  • Gore Lemons

    Great article! Kratom is changing lives and doesn’t make any sense to class it as a narcotic!
    Please help us stand against this outrageous act from the DEA!

  • Karen Whittington

    I am also one that has benefited from this amazing , natural plant ! Great article ! We will not go down without a fight and people understanding the good side of Kratom

  • Barbara Wetmore

    Kratom has saved the lives and improved the lives of so many people. And, it is no more addicting than coffee!! I can’t believe they are trying to do this! Would love to know what “hazard” this natural alternative has caused.

  • Erin Baker

    Great article! Kratom has saved my life and is way better than being stuck on pain medication for the rest of my life. I will never be a big pharma customer again. I will always find a all natural alternative.

  • Shaina Groulx

    This is so dissapointing. As someone who suffers from ptsd from a rather violent and horrifying car accident a few years ago there has not been a single medication that has helped me with my anxiety until I found kratom. I’m more than a little lost as to where to go from here.

  • grace hennelly

    I take kratom every day to help with my depression. Medications like prozac for example never helped me. I was also prescribes adderall and with the kratom I no longer take those drugs that barely worked. Kratom has given me a betree quality of life. Kratom is not a drug it is a life saving plant. I will be devastated of this actually happens what more can we do to fight this?

  • pa07950

    Great article! I have found Kratom as effective for pain relief as some of the weaker opioids. However, in my case it causes stomach problems so I cannot use it on any regular basis. People in chronic pain will have yet another possible therapy taken away from them!

  • chris

    also sign the petition on this site. and share with everyone you can!

  • M. dombrowski

    I seriously cannot believe this. This is so sad. I’m a retired EOD Bomb Tech / Detective that has done nothing in his life but followed the law and now will be forced to be a felon simply for the relief that I have found in Kratom. How is this fair? How is this right?

  • With overdoses rising every day due to heroin being laced with fentanyl and now carfentinil, it should be quite interesting to see what happens beginning in October. I would imagine we will begin to see the after effects of this ban nationwide before Thanksgiving. Overdoses will triple, if not quadruple. That is my prediction. Suicides will also increase as the year goes on, especially around the holidays. It will be a complete nightmare. I hope ER’s are ready for this. It’s going to be complete insanity.

    • Co-Ta-Ci-Ne

      The scary truth is that you may be right. People don’t want to live in misery every day, at least the ones whos have chronic illness’s that Kratom really helps. I have no idea what I am going to do, I rely on Kratom for my chronic pain needs. I have already signed the petitions but sadly am a realist/cynical person who is quietly waving goodbye because we have ZERO power. I mean, what the hell are we really supposed to do? I am so sick of feeling like death is the only way out and I know I am not the only one.

      • Nick Brown

        I’m right there with you bud. I’d rather die than go back to big pharma. The side effects were worse than what it was half ass for.

      • John Vastola

        Call Michael J. Lewis at the Federal Registry and ask him to approve the request to schedule.

  • Diane Meixner Cranker

    Kratom saves lives it does not take them. Kratom does not get you “high”. Clonazapam, clonidine, oxymorphone, oxycodone Gabapentin ALL gone from my system because of kratom! ! Its the only reason I am able to function properly. It has even helped my marriage because of its mood lifting effect. As for overdosing if you take more than a teaspoon or 2 you will vomit! If there is any way you can help us get the word out, Please, I beg you to do so.

  • Sabrina Bruce Davie

    Great articale !

  • Joe Borski

    How the hell is it even possible? Kratom is an “opoid ANTAGONIST”!. Which means its antagonizies the same brain receptors as opiods but without the opiods! Definetly NOT an opioid! Now its a schedule 1 drug via FDA & DEA like cocaine and heroin? Bullshit! All natural versus synthetic and synthetic wins! Well smack my ass and call me Pee-Wee Herman! Feds have shit backwards for sure. Please sign and share NOW! Its not too late! Please check your email after signing to complete this petition! Our country is in reverse rather than exploring ALL potential health benefits and avenues. Big Pharma doing what they do the best! Making money. Buy their drugs or get none! FDA + DEA + Big Pharma = NUMBER 1 KILLER in AMERICA!

    • Jack Laxa

      It is a partial agonist not an antagonist (at least at MORs). It would not work for mood-improvement or pain as an antagonist. But being an MOR partial agonist is likely why kratom is less sedating, addictive, and dangerous (lethal) than other opioids (usually full agonists). The fact that it won’t kill you is the biggest advantage of kratom.

  • Chris McKinley

    The ultimate irony is that what the DEA is about to do will cause imminent hazard to the public safety, and they are either too ignorant or too smart about this mild leaf. My bet is on too smart.

  • Jonathan

    Where can I donate $ to lobby against this new infringement and intrusion into our private lives? Cigareetes, alcohol and HFCS probably cause more harm to humans than kratom. Come on Big Brother, back off!!

  • Armani Ramos

    Great article thank you. Kratom has saved my life from addiction now I can raise my family the way i always knew I could. Please sign the petition, don’t know if it will help but here it is.

  • melissa

    Thank you God for kratom

  • Keith Pascucci

    Perfectly stated Susan! WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE THE THOUSANDS OF US THAT USE KRATOM AS A TOOL, NOT AS A DRUG. It helps manage so many ailments safely! We are all behind you all the way!

  • LarryD

    I certainly don’t see this as legitimate threat to the public health. amd is an natural alternative for thousands of people instead of much more dangerous Opioids that are being prescribed in increasingly large numbers. This temporary move to place kratom on schedule 1 is a backdoor attempt to ban kratom without the hearings and burden of proof by science the DEA follows and is is a total over reach of power by the fda that can only be explained by pressure from “big Pharma” and the legal pushers that are in the addiction treatment business.

  • jayarebee

    Excellent article… this is such a shame. I was stuck on Buprenorphine for years, the only thing that has helped me get away from it was Kratom. This country is such a joke, seriously how can they BAN something that has never harmed a single soul… seriously, if they could name 1 person, who was either injured, overdosed, or harmed in anyway besides a possible tummy ache from Kratom I would love to see or hear the story. You will not though, because nobody has, or ever will… I’m sickened at how backwards our system is. They see $$$ flying away from their clinics and medical practices and have been crying for years and now get their wish, no more Kratom… awesome… just awesome. Now people will have to resort to any means necessary to stay functional, which means possible crime, law breaking, even worse (actual dangerous substances)… sigh.. I could go on and on…

  • BeeMoney

    Great Article. We should have sovereignty over our body and mind and this fuck shit from the DEA needs to be stopped before all hope is lost!

  • leslie mcfarland

    Let’s fight the good fight! We all know it’s partially due to the pharma companies and the government being money hungry. This plant is a miracle to me and a lot of people, while what about alcohol? 2.5 million people die a year due to alcohol. They like to keep us down but we’re not going to stay down. People will abuse just about anything if they want to so that point is irrelevant on this matter. I mean whos seen that 600 lb life show? Hmm yeah…should we ban food now? Lol. Let’s not back down and keep moving forward on this!

  • Chris Hansen

    when can we march? million plus Kratom users might send a signal!

  • Hill Billy

    The Thai government banned kratom for the samé reason. It was cutting into their opium profits, just as it is here. Except that government didnt come up with alotta bullshit reasons for banning it like the DEA did.

  • Just like there should be a separation of religion and state, there should DEFINITELY be a separation of medicine and state.

  • Ppv Dallas

    Sign the Petition and SAVE KRATOM! Don’t let the DEA control our quality of life!
    30,000 signatures and still going strong!

  • vic

    What are the facts they have found that gives them the right to say it’s potentially dangerous?????????.? What proof do you have you greedy money loving soul sucker’s??!??? You don’t have a clue except that you’re not getting a kick back off of it!!!!????????

  • Decorticator

    As a rule of thumb, the better and more effective a freely available herbal medicine is, the higher the likelihood that governments will impose some kind of regulation on it. Some people assign much of the blame to a collusion between government agencies like the DEA and FDA and “big pharma” to suppress inexpensive medicines that compete with the drug companies’ obscene profit making. I think there’s some truth to that. The saddest part of this DEA plan, aside from the countless lives it will negatively impact, is that it signals a desperate, increasing effort on the part of the control freaks who run our federal government to dictate how people think and feel. It’s an intrusion on psychological freedom.

  • Jennifer Woodall Jackson

    The whole 3 yrs i knew my friend,she was miserable!She stayed depressed/anxiety ridden/angry!I never seen her happy!She stayed in pain!She was on opana and she hated the nasty side effects that kept her down all the time and it never helped her pain AT ALL!She researched how she could quit opana and control her pain because she no longer wanted to take it!She found kratom and as soon as she tried it,she changed 360 degrees for the better!She was NO longer in pain at all!She was happier than i had EVER seen her!It helped her depression/anxiety also!She has been able to do more and finally leave her house more and truly be able to live!Before kratom,she felt she had no hope and was suicidal at times because of it.She cried to me the day she found it,she said she thought all hope for a happy life was gone for her and that kratom finally gave her the ability to enjoy life pain/depression free!She NEVER looked high at all on it,like she did with that nasty opana!I feel like,now that this hope is taken away from her,she will have no choice but to take that horrid pain medication that did nothing for her except give her bad side effects!She’s already mentioned that she feels hopeless and will probably end up back on alcohol(she’s a recovering alcoholic that quit 20 months ago),because of this!I see her going back to being suicidal.It is down right disgusting that this is allowed to happen!But yet,these horribleeeeeeee benzos and psych meds that cause people nothing but brain damaging misery/death/murders,is allowed to be legal!Kratom doesn’t have half the bad effects of these other pharma meds!It does not have the 2 year long torturous withdrawals that benzos and antidepressant/psych meds do!It have seen 4 suicides in my benzo group since january due to the fact these people could NOT handle the horrid withdrawals caused from benzos!Some were tapering extremely slow off of them and were still not able to function due to the horrid withdrawal symptoms!Big pharma is allowed to sale their brain damaging poisons that keep ppl sick and that cause people to lose their minds to the point they kill their kids and stuff and don’t remember doing it!Look at just about every crazy killing or suicide,just about everyone of them,these people were on a psych drug/benzo or coming off of them when it happened!But yet,they want to ban kratom!That’s because they are going to take kratom and make their own drug with it,to make profit!They want no one to have no option but to take their poisons!Kratom helped my friend,whereas opana and paxil DID NOT.In fact,the 3 wks she took paxil she was going ,mentally downhill FAST!When she finally stopped it,the withdrawals threw her into a CRAZY state!She went manic/then impulsive/extremely depressed.Her moods were all over the place!You could tell her brain was going haywire!Another friend on psych drugs,she was normal before taking them,since being on them she’s manic acting/impulsive doing things she used to never do/She’s a total different person for the worst!Not to mention,due to these meds and missing them for 3 days,it caused her to attempt suicide and she does not remember doing it!You don’t see kratom doing this to ppl!If you think about yrs ago before psych meds came out,we didn’t see suicides/mothers killing kids and other crazy crap!No ADHD existed among other “so called” mental illnesses!AS soon as these psych meds/benzos came out,that’s when everyone’s mental state got BAD and ALL this crazy stuff started happening!Big pharma is drugging your kids,they get your kids brains hooked on this crap at a young age,so that their mental states will get bad when they quit these meds,and in turn they will need psych meds the rest of their lives in order to function!It’s down right scary what big pharma drugs do to our brains and most ppl have NO clue!They made the PERFECT drug to get ppl hooked on it for LIFE!But yet,we can’t have a plant that has more good coming out of it,than bad!More people are dying from pharma drugs than kratom or MJ for that matter!I hope this opens everyones eyes up on how big pharma controls EVERYTHING!And also opens their eyes to the true scary damage psych meds/benzos cause!!Please research anything you EVER put in your mouth!There’s support groups from people damaged by xanax/klonopin/ativan/valium/cymbalta!Ambein/gabapentin among others!Also,These anti depressants/anti psycotics/benzos cause something known as akathisia!!It is scary as hell!Google it!a state of agitation, distress, and restlessness that is an occasional side-effect of antipsychotic and antidepressant drugs.Ppl who get this,can’t be still an have to move 24/7!One woman’s 15 yr old son took an antidepressant and it caused this,then the dr put him on ativan and made it WORSE,now the poor boy is having to taper off the benzo extremely slow and has multiple horrid symptoms on top of the akathisia he already had!The majority of these meds cause people to become poly drugged,because they get prescribed another drug to cover up the side effects from the first drug!In fact,these are EFFECTS from these drugs,not side effects that they want you to believe!I hate to know how many kratom users will move to benzos or anti depressants after this happens!And then their lives will be ruined even more!These drugs cause SUFFERING beyond your imagination!Me and others that used to be able to function,became disabled and unable to work as soon as we got put on an anti depressant and benzo!In my case,my life went down hill after being put on effexor!I lost a job i was at for 5 yrs due to my mental state getting bad from that drug!Then ambien came into my life and the mental downhill state after i quit it.I stayed mentally sick and disabled because of these meds and the withdrawals from them and never realized it until now,while going through this hell of benzo withdrawal syndrome!Now,i am able to look back and connect the dots.Also,pharma psch drugs cause something known as medication spellbinding!Google it!It makes you unable to realize it;s the DRUG making you sick!Lord help us all!

  • David Bowman

    “But the DEA says that kratom poses an “imminent hazard to the public
    safety.” The agency cites as evidence the fact that “the amount of
    kratom material seized by law enforcement for the first half of 2016
    greatly exceeds any previous year totals.””

    I think I am missing something. If it is/was legal, what is the basis for it being seized? And what exactly are the numbers? Without the actual numbers this is meaningless.

    • Quantum Looper

      I caught that too. There just is no evidence and they know it. They just do not want us to have the ability to heal ourselves. The FDA and Big Pharma are virtually the same. It’s profits before people and this is like a dictatorship, not a free country. Control over us is a priority. Look at what Portugal did and how that worked out very well, it cannot be denied. This is control and greed.

  • David Bowman

    Just read that 31 Base jumpers have been killed so far this year. That is twice as many people who have supposedly died from kratom in a longer time period. Would logic dictate that if you ban kratom shouldn’t base jumping also be banned?

  • John Vastola

    Call Michael J. Lewis at the Federal Registry and ask him to please not register kratom as a shed 1 drug. 202-598-6813

  • John Vastola

    * 202-598-6812

  • Gore Lemons


  • Gore Lemons


  • Jennifer Woodall Jackson

    They are making something as great as kratom illegal,something that actually helps and doesn’t cause nasty side effects/2 yr long withdrawals from it,like big pharma drugs do!It makes me beyond mad!Here’s a video that shows the damage/suffering these LEGAL medications cause!I hope this opens everyone eyes up to how bad big pharma and their drugs are!Big pharma causes nothing but suffering!Their drugs keep ppl sick!Their drugs addict your brains to where you have to take them for life!They made the perfect money making drug when they made these psych drugs!It’s horrific and scary what they do to ppl!Go to youtube and watch these psychiatry documentaries!It will open your eyes to how these drugs came about and the damage they truly do!Their drugs are causing ppl to commit suicide/kill their kids and other horrendous acts.It’s not their “mental illness” that did it,it’s these drugs!They won’t tell anyone about that though!They blame it on a persons mental illness!SCARY STUFF!It’s ok for that to be legal,but lord forbid someone finds a plant that truly helps them and brings peace to the world!Oh no!Then it has to be made illegal because they can’t profit on it!It’s ridiculous!

    • 2Bdtrmnd

      I have just found out about this plant and what is has done for people, and I also am in month 20 of withdrawals from Valium that was prescribed for muscle tension. What a living, breathing nightmare this has been. All benzodiazepines should be banned not Kratom! It is as if they want to keep us sick and dependent on patented synthetic medications so big pharma can keep stealing from the sick. It is wrong!

  • Jennifer Woodall Jackson

    Since coming off of xanax/klonopin 8 mths ago,i have hardly been able to function from benzo withdrawal syndrome.The damage those prescribed drugs caused me has been horrendous!I have seen a side of prescription meds i never knew existed!The amount of ppl suffering for years due to psych meds/benzos is beyond horrible!Words CAN NOT describe it!These pharma drugs cause misery and suffering beyond belief!Majority of ppl never even abused these drugs either!I never abused benzos AT ALL but yet i’m suffering brain damaging type symptoms,even at 8 mths off them!After 41 yrs,i have opened my eyes to how these drugs took away 17 yrs of my life and kept me depressed and beyond miserable no matter how well life was going!These meds caused me to become disabled!Drugs that are legal and that i NEVER abused!Effexor was the 1st to begin my vicious cycle that kept me mentally sick and led to more psych meds and eventually benzos!Big pharma came out with the perfect poisons to get peoples brains hook for life!The withdrawals from psych meds/benzos cause horrible mental symptoms,which make ppl think they are mentally ill and in turn make them get on more psych drugs!These drugs cause medication spellbinding(google it!).To where you don’t realize these drugs are making you sicker or crazier!Big pharma drugs are 1000xs worse than kratom EVER will be!Big pharma wants us on their drugs!Kratom takes over a lot of psych drugs/benzos/pain meds/methadone among others!They will take kratom and make their own drugs with it!Everyone PLEASE extensively research ALL medications prescribed!If there’s a support group for it,RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!Please never take a benzo and if you are on one,join these support groups to learn everything about it!There’s things about benzos drs will NOT tell you!These medications are DANGEROUS!Coming off of them,you can be in withdrawals for 2 YEARS!People tapering slowly for 2 yrs are still hardly able to function due to the horrific withdrawals!These meds give you interdose/tolerance withdrawals even before you attempt to quit them!I know you all will look for alternatives now and i wanted to warn you all PLEASE don’t run to a benzo and i would not run to any psych drugs either!They are down right SCARY medications!Here’s a video that will change the way you ever look at another psych drug/psych dr or big pharma ever again!I feel like this is the yr for everyone to open their eyes to big pharma/damage and the suffering medications cause!This yr was the very first benzo awareness day,where we talk about how ppls lives were ruined and they became disabled due to the damage these meds caused them!I have learned more in 8 mths than i EVER have,about these pharma poisons and the horrific hell they cause ppl.Educate yourselves on these psych meds/benzos before you take them,or possibly ever get prescribed them!I just heard about kratom a mth ago,it changed my friends life.I tried it last week and it helped my benzo withdrawals some.It devastates me what they are doing!A plant that truly helps without harming like these pharma poisons do to ppl!One good thing can come from this,it will finally open everyone’s eyes to big pharma and the dangers of the poisons they sale to us!They are messing with ppls brains and causing suffering no one has a clue about!

  • TheSassleburger .

    I’ve signed the petition and asked everyone I know to do the same. I use Kratom for pain and for its antidepressant properties. I’ve been able to replace OxyContin, morphine, Suboxone, Paxil, Abilify, etc with this ONE PLANT. I also don’t abuse it, because honestly, it’s not very abusable. This is devastating to me. What will I do when my next bad bout of pain or depression hits? This plant keeps me from being bedridden from crippling pain and depression. I’m able to be a productive and reliable employee. I know there’s a lot of you in the same boat.

  • EA Garren


  • martin loebig

    I really hope that the DEA will have some kind of sympathy. I am going to go through a mental and physical relapse as I suffer from osteoarthritis, panic disorder and major depression and the time of year the ban will take effect couldn’t be worse. This time of year when I go through the reminders of a couple of close people in my life died suddenly. Even though this happened more than 17 years ago it triggers the major depression and panic disorder. I use the kratom along with group therapy to help control this. I found that kratom would help me to get out of the house and overcome my fears to continue therapy. I am also concerned about the pain from the osteoarthritis as winter is when the pain is at it’s peak. I am not to proud to beg the DEA to reconsider and I hope that a higher up in the U.S. Government will read some of these tutorials.

  • This is not a war on drugs. This is a war on freedom. A war on the choice NOT to put more money into the pockets of Big Pharma… This is INSANITY. And I have no idea how I’ll be able to continue living a normal life when kratom is no longer here. I found it about three years ago. And have had nothing but positive results. My chronic pain is manageable, my anxiety nearly gone, I’ve lost 30 lbs (from 172 to 150. I’m 5’2″). It’s even reduced my hypertension, all without prescription drugs. Kratom is not dangerous. The Drug Enforcement Agency is.

  • DXT

    Dont get me wrong I’m for Kratom.
    You people will do nothing. Yes you’ll push around a petition that will get laughed at. Some people will cuss and scream on social media to no avail. WHY?
    Because the government says THEY WILL DO WHAT THE FUCK THEY WANT and none of you can do shit about it. Behind the curtain the government doesn’t give 2 shits about you. They force you to do what they want everyday. YOU STILL DO NOTHING EXCEPT WHINE. They take your money, force health care upon u or get fined, force you everyday to go against your wants, needs,religion,morals,beliefs and yet you do nothing. There’s only one thing that will change this dictator type government!

    • Gordon Fortier

      I agree. the government doesn’t respect or fear the public. The common men. Rights are being taken away again and again. When will it be enough for people to do something about it? Words will only get you so far, but we need more than just words. This issue is OBVIOUSLY about money, and not safety. Nobody believes them and they are a joke.

  • Gordon Fortier

    I was actually able to quit a very heavy alcohol problem with the help of this herb. I know it sounds strange, but it took away my alcohol cravings. There is absolutely ZERO danger in this herb. I could list you 50 other herbs and supplements and energy drinks that are actually much more of a health concern.
    This is about money, and that is it. The DEA agency should start actually doing their jobs and stop fiddling around with frivolous crap like this. People need to speak up with their money and votes. This government is becoming like a dictatorship. The government decides what we can do with our bodies and health now? Whats next? A ban on St.Johns wort or Greek yogurt?

  • Jennifer Kurtz

    Sad news for Kratom lover as it truly help them to relieve pain, enhance mood and energy level. Find my unbiased articles about Kratom on my blog here:

  • Amazed

    I’ve used kratom for three years for lower back pain when I wake up in
    the morning. When I have stopped using it, my withdrawal was like coffee
    except without the usual headache. My wife can’t even tell when i take
    it or even if i take it . . . lol. It literally does not cause an effect
    that anyone in their right mind could even come close to calling high!
    The DEA has not done their homework on this one in any way; they have
    absolutely no idea of what they are talking about, and this is truly a
    huge mistake or a sham – no doubt in my mind. I just saw a story that
    reported the police across the nation are getting ready for next month
    and training to look for signs of driving while under the influence of
    kratom . . . .LOL! Good like guys . . . it doesn’t cause any signs,
    because it doesn’t make you HIGH! Talk about stupid . . this really
    makes me wonder about this country. My message to the DEA is: try
    knowing all the facts before you make a decision such as this. Have you
    thought that people who need this for more serious reasons than myself
    could die because of you? It will happen and you are not being the
    socially responsible organization you were originally slated to be.

  • Quantum Looper

    Big Pharma is so obviously totally behind this ban. This is so ridiculous. The FDA or DEA has no concern for our safety. If they did then they would be WELCOMING safe and natural alternatives to prescription opiate drugs that so happen to kill 10’s of thousands of people every year. Big Pharma, who has mega influence on congress through lobbying, does have a major concern over their huge profits from their $billions$ in sales of their dangerous pain meds. My God, this kratom ban is so obviously about profits, not helping people, just like cannabis. I am stunned that we have reached a level of government control where we will be flat out told what we can and cannot put in our own body as a natural medicine. I guess if it makes you feel better naturally Big pharma needs control of it. So the temporary ban/scheduling is probably so that pharma companies can have a chance to “research” this plant that has been used for a 1000 years without problem, and then adulterate the sh*t out of it, and make a nice pill they can sell us with prescription. I know most reading this already know what I am saying is true but I just needed to vent. Thank you.

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  • JAM661

    The reason why the use of Kratom is people are suffer as they are dumped by there doctors and looking for something that will help with there medical conditions other then over priced drugs. The so call deaths have been very few. In fact more people have died so far this year due to stairs then from Kratom use. Maybe we should outlaw stair also. The DEA need to focus on dangerous gains and illegal drugs, prescription’s sold on the street and leave the doctors, the patient and those who want to find alternative natual approaches to help there ills alone.

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  • Michael Smith

    It’s a game of ping pong or volley ball. The DEA tried to spike an ace for game set match but the opposition managed to return serve. There not much we can really specifically do right now until the ball is lobbed back at us.

    For right now we can be vocal and do whatever but we simply don’t know when the ball is going to be hit back into our side of the net.

    Read more about the news on:

    The biggest battles we are currently facing are State legislation. It does seem like it’s quiet right now and it does keep me us on edge but there really isn’t much we can do until the opposition tips it’s hand.