Milwaukee Sheriff Blames "Liberalism" and "Black Cultural Dysfunction" for Riots in Twitter Rant

Aug 16 2016

Milwaukee Sheriff Blames “Liberalism” and “Black Cultural Dysfunction” for Riots in Twitter Rant

August 16th, 2016

As his city protests and burns, Milwaukee sheriff and Trump surrogate David A. Clarke (above) has been unleashing a bizarre and hateful Twitter storm against liberals, black people and media outlets.

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Clarke spoke at the RNC last month, delivering an impassioned speech in which he repeated the scare-mongering lie that America is experiencing a massive crime wave and police officers are at huge risk: “A recent gallup poll confirms it. More than half of all American now worry a great deal about crime and violence. Up consistently and dramatically from just a few years ago.”

Public-mood statistics are certainly relevant, but here they hardly reflect the facts. The Washington Post correctly pointed out that crime is not up, which caused Sheriff Clarke to attack the paper: “they call themselves conservatives for criminals. When did sympathy for criminals become a conservative virtue?” he tweeted.

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Clarke’s RNC speech also celebrated the acquittal of Brian Rice over the death of Freddie Gray and exulted the same “law and order” approach demonstrated in his city of Milwaukee by the shooting of Sylville Smith, a young African American man who was in fact armed.

Instead of showing leadership and seeking a constructive way forward in the current situation, Clarke has taken to Twitter to blame the unrest on Black Lives Matter and “liberalism.” He also took a moment from his presumably busy schedule to encourage Muslim Americans to “suck it up” when it comes to racial profiling.

During his RNC speech, Clarke had the audacity to quote Dr. Martin Luther King, who spoke of a “single garment of destiny” and helping the impoverished as well as the wealthy. This is grotesque if you read Clarke’s tweets blaming the “underclass” for a “value system crash.”

He added: “Tribal behavior leads to the law of the jungle. Culturally dysfunctional underclass behavior.”

His blame-game doesn’t stop there: “Failed Democrat Progressive liberal urban policies create ghettos like Milwaukee that erupt into violence at the most inane provocation.”

“I often tell residents of Milwaukee in the city and towns that I visit that safety is a shared endeavor,” Clarke also said at the RNC. “It starts with the willing acceptance of people to play by society’s rules, a code if you will, where we collectively agree upon that assures stability, fairness and respect. It is built on a foundation of trust in each other and in the people who administer and enforce society’s rules, which at its foundation is the rule of law.”

These are sensible words in themselves—yet ones that Sheriff Clarke himself appears incapable of heeding.

  • I think this is a perfect microcosm for how liberals and conservatives work together to create conflict. The liberals provide social services that foster indolence while the right wing whips up resentments. The goal is to create a permanent underclass to be exploited for labor and in some cases (such as with Muslims in Europe) to be an excuse for war. Then end result is, “Looking back, we don’t know how it came to this.” (Yes, just like what they say in AA.)

    • Dan Bontio

      Or, conservatives provide institutional obstacles to keep segregation, prejudice and racism alive and well, while liberals whip up resentments toward the upper class, whites, etc.

      The bottom line is that there’s plenty of blame to go around. For two decades, Republicans and Democrats tried to outdo each other about who could be “tougher” on crime. Now, we’re a prison state… and one that is horribly disproportionate racially. Drug policy is another one. Only very recently have the Democrats decided to evolve (just a little) on the failed Drug War.

      “The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes being corrected.”
      – G.K. Chesterton