Shocker: Interventions Don't Make Frat Bros Drink Less

May 19 2016

Shocker: Interventions Don’t Make Frat Bros Drink Less

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The “intervention” is a familiar—albeit not scientifically supported—part of addiction and recovery narratives. Well, according to a new study, there’s one group that it definitely doesn’t work on. Research from the American Psychological Association has found that when traditional interventions were tried on college fraternity members, they either continued to drink the same amount or drink even more.

“Current intervention methods appear to have limited effectiveness in reducing alcohol consumption and alcohol-related problems among fraternity and possibly sorority members” says Lori Scott Sheldon, lead researcher for the study.

Researchers suspect that peer pressure and a general culture of binge drinking limit the effectiveness of the interventions. Unfortunately, the study did not offer alternatives. Sheldon concludes that “additional research is needed to determine the best approach to reduce alcohol misuse among members of Greek letter organizations.”