Some People (Definitely Not Us) Say Trump Was on Coke or Speed During Last Night's Debate

Sep 27 2016

Some People (Definitely Not Us) Say Trump Was on Coke or Speed During Last Night’s Debate

September 27th, 2016

As the anxiety and anticipation leading up to the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump came to a head last night, some viewers turned to alcohol. Others turned to something stronger—Twitter.

Many tweeters noticed some strange behavior on Trump’s part; in addition to his seeming inability to control the volume of his speech, the man couldn’t stop sniffling (see the supercut below).

Howard Dean (known for his own verbal explosions) weighed in with his customary subtlety:

Others thought Howard Dean was speaking nonsense. Trump wasn’t on coke—he had clearly been snorting Adderall!

Ever since Spy magazine raised the issue in 1992, there’s been speculation that Trump takes some kind of amphetamine. Spy claimed he was prescribed the diet pill Tenuate Dospan, which can have a side effect of “seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there.”

But perhaps such speculation is unfair, given that the Trump camp and its proxies would never spread false rumors about an opponent’s health.

  • my partners and i speculated the same thing while hearing the debate last night. and we perhaps may know a thing or two about what it looks and sounds like to be zooted.

  • Dev_mom

    It was definitely methamphetamine. It’s easy to tell the way he was moving his lips he couldn’t stand still he seemed paranoid. Although none of those actions are anything new. He was probably drinking to help level himself out. It’s a vicious circle. Hey? Didn’t Hitler use amphetamines as well? Strange how it seems so popular with megalomaniacs a narcissist

    • Cboulder

      I think much of the S.S. was on meth. But let us also remember that JFK used amphetamines throughout his Presidency. Though I believe Kennedy was using to combat the symptoms ofAddington’s disease.