Surprise! Donald Trump's Wall Will Fail to Stop Heroin Smuggling

Feb 10 2016

Surprise! Donald Trump’s Wall Will Fail to Stop Heroin Smuggling

Donald Trump apparently doesn’t understand how heroin gets into the US.

 After his primary victory in New Hampshire last night, The Donald addressed the heroin epidemic in that state from his Twitter pulpit:

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Heroin has become a major issue on both sides of the aisle this campaign season, so naturally Trump is trying to link the heroin epidemic to his general mistrust of Mexicans and his extravagant border wall plans.

While it is true that most heroin entering the US comes through the Mexican border, there is a major flaw in Donald Trump’s reasoning.

According to the DEA, most heroin entering the US goes through legal border crossings—which are already walled off. In other words, even though smugglers have the option to drive vehicles through unguarded segments of the southern border, they overwhelmingly favor crossing through the most heavily secured segments and using creative smuggling methods to conceal their wares in plain sight.

Heroin is often loaded into secret compartments in vehicles, strapped onto people’s bodies or even carried inside tires. There is no effective way to profile smugglers as they range from grandmothers to high school kids.  So it is very unlikely that a Trump Wall ™ will change this dynamic in any way.