The Daily Buzz: California's Almighty Tobacco Tax Fight; "Rehab" in the Philippines; Snake Venom's Amazing Painkiller Potential

Nov 01 2016

The Daily Buzz: California’s Almighty Tobacco Tax Fight; “Rehab” in the Philippines; Snake Venom’s Amazing Painkiller Potential

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

The Tobacco Tax Fight Is Different This Time Around, and the $100 Million on Campaign Spending Is Only Part of It [LA Times]
California’s Proposition 56 would add tax of $2 per pack of cigarettes; opponents have raised $71 million and the ensuing debates are familiar.

Blindfolded and Hosed With Water: Drug Rehab in the Philippines–in Pictures [The Guardian]
Those drug users who aren’t killed under Duterte’s regime are forced to register and attend “rehab”—these photos are shocking and also bizarre.

Sean Hannity Floats Rumor Clinton Was Drunk at Rally—Then Denies It [Raw Story]
The Fox News commentator tweeted the claim, then pulled back, à la Howard Dean.

Workplace Marijuana Bans Weigh Into Use Decisions, Yale Study Finds [Denver Post]
A range of pragmatic considerations determine whether people will use weed.

One Man’s Death Hints at the Wretched Medical Care in Private Immigration Prisons [The Guardian]
Inadequate care is blamed for a man’s paralysis and death at a facility run by—you guessed it—Corrections Corporation of America.

This Incredibly Deadly Snake’s Bizarre Toxin Could Lead to a Strong, Non-Narcotic Painkiller [Washington Post]
The long-glanded blue coral snake preys on cobras with the help of a fast-acting toxin—its ability to shut down sodium channels in nerves could be key.

  • Andrew_C_Bairnsfather

    Now there are nicotine e-cigs, gum, patches, etc… I need some help, the hatred against nicotine, is it because it makes someone not sober? Or is it vilified because it’s a performance enhancing drug?

    Also, I think this news section left out the fact probably tens or hundreds of millions of adults, including parents, police, politicians and clergy handed out large chunks of drugs to children last night. How many pounds of sugar was consumed by the little darlings who then went into an altered state of consciousness running around like crazy people or just staring off in the distance? Looking like zombies, or witches, or ax murderers!