The Daily Buzz: Colorado Heroin Violence, Prosecutor's Regrets, "Nuns" Grow Weed

Apr 08 2016

The Daily Buzz: Colorado Heroin Violence, Prosecutor’s Regrets, “Nuns” Grow Weed

Friday, April 8th, 2015

Heroin-Related Violence Mars a Colorado City’s Effort to Recover [The New York Times]
The violence, like that seen in other US cities, is apparently driven by a flood of cheap heroin from Mexico unsetting the illicit market.

A Prosecutor’s Regret: How I Got Someone Life in Prison for Drugs [The Marshall Project]
“At the end of my life, I’d like to know that I wasn’t responsible for Lewis Clay spending his final days in prison.”

Addiction Is a Learning Disorder: Why the War on Drugs Is Useless, AA Undermines Treatment, and Addiction Studies Can Learn a Lot From Autism [Salon]
Influence columnist Maia Szalavitz brings her expertise and experience to bear in this interview.

Republicans Are Going at Each Other Over a Stalled Heroin Bill [Huffington Post]
The petty political infighting is as helpful as ever.

This Defiant Facebook Group Is Changing the Way People Talk About Heroin [Fusion]
Here, people struggling with all aspects of opioid addiction post out in the open, using their real names, sharing stories and leaning on one another.

The “Nuns” Who Grow Medical Marijuana [CNN]
The Catholic Church often teaches that there is redemption in suffering, but the spiritual Sisters of the Valley hope to alleviate suffering through a centuries-old tradition familiar to many cloisters and abbeys.