The Daily Buzz: Pushback on Treatment, Drugs You Don't Need, Dancing Grandmas

Mar 31 2016

The Daily Buzz: Pushback on Treatment, Drugs You Don’t Need, Dancing Grandmas

Thursday, March 31, 2016

“Drug Users Need Treatment,” Says President Obama. “Not So Fast,” Says Dr. Carl Hart [Reason]
More disease model-based treatment is exactly the wrong way to look at the use of drugs, says Influence contributor Dr. Carl Hart.

“Two Steps Forward, One Step Back”: Will Obama’s New Opioid Proposal Continue the Failed War on Drugs? [Democracy Now!]
Influence columnist Maia Szalavitz explains how massively we’ve misunderstood what’s going wrong.

Drugs You Don’t Need for Disorders You Don’t Have [Huffington Post]
Inside the pharmaceutical industry’s campaign to put us all to sleep.

A Tale Of Two Alcohol Laws: New Orleans And Oklahoma City [Forbes]
What happens when a state has absurdly draconian liquor laws.

Marijuana Advocates Vow to Get Arrested Smoking Pot Outside the White House [The Washington Post]
Organizers say the smoke-in is the most aggressive way to draw attention to the roughly 5 million marijuana-related arrests since Obama took office.

Chinese “Dancing Grannies” Help Out in Anti-Drugs Fight [BBC]
Officials are cracking down on drugs with the help of grandmothers who like to boogie.