The Daily Buzz: Jeff Sessions' Coming War on Weed; Pakistan's Alcohol Problem; The Weeknd "Dibbles and Dabbles" in Drugs

Dec 05 2016

The Daily Buzz: Jeff Sessions’ Coming War on Weed; Pakistan’s Alcohol Problem; The Weeknd “Dibbles and Dabbles” in Drugs

Monday, December 5th, 2016

Jeff Sessions’ Coming War on Legal Marijuana [Politico]
Brace yourself.

Pakistan Has a Drinking Problem [New York Times]
Because drinking is illegal and taboo for Muslims, they’re at risk from bad moonshine and can’t seek help for alcohol-related problems.

“Extremely Dangerous”: Injured Bodybuilder Injects Coconut Oil Into His Arm to Maintain Muscle Definition [Washington Post]
The form of body dysmorphia that this behavior would suggest is apparently becoming increasingly common.

UK Nightclubs to Offer FREE Cocaine and MDMA “Drug Booths” to Test Purity of Substances [Daily Mirror]
Tabloid outrage ensues (though the Mirror seems most shocked that the service will be “FREE”). But the plan is excellent and will be carried out by the Loop, which has already provided such services at outdoor festivals.

US Athletes Weigh a Boycott Over Russian Doping [New York Times]
It would apply to a world championship event in Sochi, Russia in February, and protest what athletes see as inadequate punishments for Russia’s doping program.

The Weeknd: “Drugs Were a Crutch for Me” [The Guardian]
The artist, real name Abel Tesfaye (above), says that he “dibbles and dabbles and whatnot,” but not as heavily as he once did.