The Daily Buzz: Jeff Sessions' Hardline Immigration Views; Addiction "Costs $442 Billion"; Power Women Micro-Dosing

Nov 18 2016

The Daily Buzz: Jeff Sessions’ Hardline Immigration Views; Addiction “Costs $442 Billion”; Power Women Micro-Dosing

Friday, November 18th, 2016

Sen. Jeff Sessions Is Known for His Hardline Views on Immigration [Washington Post]
And Mike Pompeo, one of the first wave of Tea Party lawmakers, is set to become CIA director.

Addiction in America: Drug, Alcohol Abuse Cost $442 Billion a Year [International Business Times]
More of the contents of the surgeon general’s report released yesterday.

Prop. 64 Wrinkle: Taxes Stop on Medical Marijuana Long Before Recreational Sales Start [San Diego Union-Tribune]
Patients will enjoy a tax-free window, and the tax gap may prompt recreational users to seek medical marijuana cards.

I Had a Health Crisis in France. I’m Here to Tell You That “Socialized Medicine” Is Terrific [LA Times]
But far too fair and effective for America.

Seventeen Ways to Quit Smoking in Honor of the Great American Smokeout [Huffington Post]
Tip #2: “Quit on a Monday.”

Why Power Women Are Micro-Dosing LSD at Work [Marie Claire]
Media have been breathlessly covering this “trend” for a while, but there’s not much evidence that it’s very widespread.