The Daily Buzz: Obama's New Initiative, Drug Czar Clings to "Gateway" Theory, ISIS Burns Weed

Mar 29 2016

The Daily Buzz: Obama’s New Initiative, Drug Czar Clings to “Gateway” Theory, ISIS Burns Weed

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

Obama Tackles Heroin and Prescription Drugs Addiction in New Initiative [McClatchy]
President Barack Obama will announce a series of new public and private sector initiatives Tuesday designed to expand treatment, funding and education to combat the nation’s prescription opioid and heroin problems.

White House Drug Czar Rallies Against Marijuana Legalization, Argues “Gateway” Theory [Sun Times]
But why is Obama’s allegedly progressive drug czar promoting the long-debunked gateway theory?

The Young Woman Whose Addiction Story Touched Obama’s Heart Just Died [Huffington Post]
With the president and countless strangers pulling for her, she was let down by a treatment system that resists evidence-based practices.

ISIS Releases Good Anti-ISIS Propaganda Image [Gawker]
Gawker reports that ISIS published a picture showing them destroying marijuana in a bonfire. Bad PR move on the youth-recruitment front.

Man’s Drug Overdose at Marin Treatment Center Prompts Lawsuit by Family [San Jose Mercury News]The lawsuit alleges the facility’s failure to follow state regulations led to the man’s death.

Doctors Who Get Pharma Money Prescribe Brand-Name Drugs Instead of Generics [Boing Boing]
Big surprise.