The Daily Buzz: Opioids for Pain in the US and Abroad; Marijuana and Morning Sickness; Tech's Booze-Soaked Culture

Kristen Whisenand, an employee of Yelp, Inc., pours a Hoegaarden beer at the Yelp office in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Monday, March 7, 2011. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg
Dec 20 2016

The Daily Buzz: Opioids for Pain in the US and Abroad; Marijuana and Morning Sickness; Tech’s Booze-Soaked Culture

Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

OxyContin Goes Global—“We’re Only Just Getting Started” [LA Times]
Bad though manufacturers’ conduct has been, ascribing addiction simply to the presence of a drug is questionable. The other side to this is the suffering of pain patients where opioids are restricted.

Opioid Drugs Make Pain Tolerable, Most Long-Term Users Say [Washington Post]
About 5 percent of Americans have taken opioids for at least two months over the past two years; 57 percent say their quality of life improved.

Pregnant Women Are Increasingly Using Marijuana for Morning Sickness, Study Finds. That’s Not Good. [Washington Post]
Possibly not (though as usual, research is scarce). Neither is it any excuse to intervene in ways that we know have bad outcomes.

Drinking on Antidepressants [New York Times]
Doctors advise caution but “there simply aren’t any good studies” to show how moderate drinking interacts with the drugs or affects depression.

Laser-Activated Drug a “Leap Forward” for Prostate Cancer Treatment [The Guardian]
“Vascular-targeted photodynamic therapy,” involves injecting a light-sensitive drug that can be “switched on” by laser pulses fired through optical fibers.

Tech’s Alcohol-Soaked Culture Isn’t a Party for Everybody [Wired]
“In the tech industry, alcohol is currency,” says one start-up worker. Non-drinkers say they feel under-appreciated.