The Daily Buzz: Pharmacists "Miss Majority" of Dangerous Drug Combos; Legal Weed Kicks In in Mass.; More "Zombie" Headlines

Dec 15 2016

The Daily Buzz: Pharmacists “Miss Majority” of Dangerous Drug Combos; Legal Weed Kicks In in Mass.; More “Zombie” Headlines

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Pharmacies Miss More Than Half of Dangerous Drug Combinations [Chicago Tribune]
As The Influence frequently emphasizes, combinations of drugs are typically far more dangerous than individual drugs. This applies equally to pharmaceuticals—something of which many pharmacists fail to warn patients, this investigation shows.

Highlights of New Massachusetts Recreational Marijuana Law [ABC News]
The home-grow and possession parts kicked in at midnight last night; retail licenses won’t be handed out for another year.

Hearings Dive Into Ex-State Chemist’s Drug Abuse, and What the AG’s Office Knew [WBUR]
Sonja Farak getting high on the job and tampering with evidence is one of two major drug-lab scandals in Massachusetts resulting in tens of thousands of unsafe convictions. Unbelievably, they are not being automatically expunged.

Drug 85 Times as Potent as Marijuana Caused a “Zombielike” State in Brooklyn [New York Times]
The continuing focus on zombie comparisons is not helping.

Mexico Villagers Free Gang Boss’s Mother in “Kidnap Deal” [BBC]
The vigilante quid pro quo plan reported yesterday seems to have worked.

Will Christmas—And All the Booze—Kill You This Year? [Financial Times]
If you’re reading this, it didn’t kill you last year.