The Daily Buzz: Rodrigo Duterte "Personally Committed Murder"; Canada Plans Tight Legal-Weed Rules; Drunk Kim Jong-un "Makes Officers Cry"

Dec 14 2016

The Daily Buzz: Rodrigo Duterte “Personally Committed Murder”; Canada Plans Tight Legal-Weed Rules; Drunk Kim Jong-un “Makes Officers Cry”

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

Duterte Keeps Admitting to Killing People. His Supporters Keep Shrugging It Off. [Washington Post]
Not only has his national drug war killed an estimated 5,900, but he has claimed to have personally murdered people while mayor of Davao. Yet he remains reasonably popular in the Philippines.

Recreational Marijuana? Yes, but Tightly Regulated, Canadian Panel Suggests [New York Times]
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised to legalize and to introduce new laws by the spring, but the market is likely to be tightly controlled.

Central New York Heroin Users Told to Take Test Dose Before Shooting Up []
People who use drugs upstate are receiving just the kind of sensible harm reduction advice that their counterparts in New York City were recently denied in suspicious circumstances.

Bangor Repeals Ordinance, Allowing Expansion of Methadone Clinic [Maine Public]
One small local victory against the kind of prejudice that often blocks access.

Mexico Kidnap Victim’s Wife: “Your Mother for My Husband” [BBC]
Vigilantes in one Mexican village have seized the mother of a gang leader in an attempt to force him to hand back a kidnapped resident.

Kim Jong-un’s Alcoholic Blackout Leaves Officers Crying [Korea Times]
He allegedly called them “traitors of the nation” for failing to develop a military satellite, in an episode he couldn’t remember the next day.