The Daily Buzz: World Drug Policy Reform Day, Strange Opioid History, Marijuana's Mad Scientist

Mar 15 2016

The Daily Buzz: World Drug Policy Reform Day, Strange Opioid History, Marijuana’s Mad Scientist

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

International Drug Policy Reform Day [International Drug Policy Consortium]
A week before the UN General Assembly Special Session launches an international debate about drug policy, the IDCP encourages folks to share their stories and join an online movement to #StopTheHarm.

Sen. Johnson’s Nephew Dies of Heroin Overdose [ABC12WISN]
Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson revealed that his nephew, who moved onto heroin after being prescribed opioids for an injury, had recently passed away from an overdose.

Pentagon Expects Lull in Afghan Fighting for Poppy Harvest []
Following a spike in attacks, the Taliban may turn its focus to harvesting poppy, providing some respite for the Afghan army that recently lost ground to the group.

This Is Why Marijuana Stocks Are Up Today [Fortune]
After GW Pharmaceuticals announced that it had successfully treated epilepsy with a cannabis-based drug, that company, as well as another using cannabinoids to treat epilepsy, saw stocks soar 150% each.

The Strange History of Opiates in America: From Morphine for Kids to Heroin for Soldiers [The Guardian]
Opioids may be weighing heavily on the American consciousness now, but their use here stretches all the way back to the Mayflower.

Marijuana’s Mad Scientist Is Changing the Weed Game [Yahoo]
A 43-year-old geneticist is on a mission to sequence the DNA of every kind of cannabis known to man.