Watch: Bill Clinton Gets Choked Up About Addiction on the Campaign Trail in Ohio

Mar 15 2016

Watch: Bill Clinton Gets Choked Up About Addiction on the Campaign Trail in Ohio

Presidential candidates have seemingly dropped heroin addiction from their rhetoric since the New Hampshire primary. But Bill Clinton, stumping for Hillary in Ohio (which votes Tuesday), couldn’t escape the issue when approached by several women at a recent campaign stop.

The women reportedly operate and attend a drug treatment center, with the founder telling Clinton she sold her car to be able to open the facility. In the video, the women implore Clinton for help, saying they are running low on funding, with much of it coming out of their own pockets.

Clinton got emotional as he recounted how three of his friends lost children to addiction, including his best friend’s son.

But ever the politician, Clinton used the opportunity to extol both his and Hillary’s successes in the field, saying they pioneered cheaper naloxone (an antidote for heroin overdoses) and got another company to supply the medication in a nasal spray.

Of course, harm reduction and drug policy reform supporters would balk at how such “successes” pale in comparison to Bill Clinton’s role in furthering mass incarceration, and his flip-flop on a promise to lift the ban on federal funding for needle exchange programs.

As she tries to pick up key delegates, perhaps Hillary is hoping voters will remember her current stance on drugs just as much as they forget her and her husband’s old one.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO:A group fighting heroin addiction in Ross County heard former President Bill Clinton would be making a stop in Chillicothe, so they decided to get his attention.They never expected a personal conversation about devastating effects of drug use:

Posted by WSYX ABC 6 on Wednesday, 9 March 2016

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    Clinton= decades of coke abuse…literally snorted his brains out.