Watch: John Oliver Vets the Third-Party Candidates—And They're All Passionate About Drugs

Oct 17 2016

Watch: John Oliver Vets the Third-Party Candidates—And They’re All Passionate About Drugs

October 17th, 2016

The 2016 presidential election—better known, according to Last Week Tonight host John Oliver, as “Lice on Rats on a Horse Corpse on Fire, 2016″—is notable for its two remarkably unpopular leading candidates.

On drugs (the policies, not yer actual drug-fueled debating allegations), one of them would likely be an utter disaster, the other a dispiriting dose of mediocrity. So Oliver obligingly runs through the other options. And it’s striking how drug-centric they are.

The total outsiders include Jim Hedges of the Prohibition party and Dan Vacek of the Legal Marijuana Now party. Then there’s see-him-to-believe-him candidate and tiger-tamer Joe Exotic—Oliver suggests he would be a good person with whom to drink lots of beers and try meth for the first time.

But even the two “serious” third-party candidates—Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green and Influence interviewee Jill Stein—are widely known for their pro-legalization platforms. And Oliver’s take is always worth hearing.