Watch: Maron Is Back...On Drugs?

Apr 13 2016

Watch: Maron Is Back…On Drugs?

April 13th, 2016

Comedian Marc Maron used alcohol and other drugs problematically for years before he quit. His sobriety is a common topic on both his WTF podcast (which has featured everyone from Keith Richards to President Obama) and his tv show Maron, on which he plays a lightly fictionalized version of himself. The new trailer for the fourth season of Maron, which returns to IFC on May 4th, declares: “Maron is back…on drugs.”

It reveals “Marc’s” relapse on OxyContin, neglect of basic hygiene, and entry into a “resort for people with no self-control” (rehab).

“What led to the current drug use?” asks a doctor in the trailer. “Uh, success?” Marc hazards in response. It should be enjoyable to see the fake relapse play out with his usual mix of self-loathing, bleak humor and love of cats.