Watch: Trump Picks "Breaking Bad's" Walter White to Head the DEA in "SNL" Skit

Dec 12 2016

Watch: Trump Picks “Breaking Bad’s” Walter White to Head the DEA in “SNL” Skit

December 12th, 2016

The spate of deeply troubling cabinet picks by the president-elect provided ripe material for Saturday Night Live this weekend. In the second half of the skit below, it’s announced that Trump has picked Walter White to head the DEA—and White, AKA actor Bryan Cranston, shows up to confirm it.

In Cranston’s hilariously sarcastic turn he hints at Steve Bannon’s drug use and praises Trump’s habit of acting first and asking questions later.

“I also like that wall he wants to build,” says White/Cranston. “Nothing comes in from Mexico, meaning a lot less competition for the rest of us.”