Watch: Why the World Will Debate the War on Drugs

Feb 05 2016

Watch: Why the World Will Debate the War on Drugs

February 8th, 2016

The United Nations special session on drugs (UNGASS 2016) will take place in New York City this April. It’s an overdue opportunity for top-level debate over a disastrous global war.

In 1998, when this event was last held, the futile hope of a “drug-free world,” with all the collateral damage that implies, was the order of the day. This time, in a rapidly evolving political climate, harm reduction provision and drug policy reform should dominate discussions and media coverage—although hopes of actual treaty change within the UN building remain slim-to-nonexistent.

In this Open Society Foundations video, a galaxy of experts—including former national presidents and leading reformers from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas—frame the consequences of the War on Drugs. They also highlight some of the inspiring examples of international progress that UNGASS 2016 can showcase.